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What si Proof of Lady?

POL was created by the WebDollar community, since WebDollar is an open source project. 

POL was created as an advertising campaign to get more women in cryptocurrency and in WebDollar in particular. 

HOW IT WORKS: It is an Airdrop. Any female follower of WebDollar’s Facebook or Twitter page can participate. 

All you need to do is post your wallet and a picture of you (selfie) containing anything WebDollar related (website open on another device in the background, printed logo, WebDollar written on a piece of paper – we’re sure you can get creative). 

The reward is a guaranteed 1000 WEBD transaction into your WebDollar address UNTIL the 1 million WEBD airdrop fund is finished.

Proof Of Lady WebDollar

Proof of Lady Rules and Regulations

Participants should be at least 18 years old. 

Only women participants will be rewarded. 

This happens by posting a selfie on WebDollar Twitter or WebDollar Facebook that includes the participant and anything related to WebDollar or POL. 

Own WebDollar wallet needs to be posted along with the picture. Wallet is generated instantly on webdollar.io. 

Facebook or Twitter male accounts (male name/profile picture) wil NOT be take into consideration regardless posting pictures of women friends or family.

Any indecent content (text or image) will be deleted ASAP and the account reported to Twitter or Facebook.

We will ONLY take into consideration UN-EDITED selfies. Any photoshop or other editing software add-ons (webdollar logo for example) over the original picture will result in us ignoring the subscription.

We will announce when the POL campaign budget is finished. From that point on we will not send anymore WEBD to participants. 

Each participant will get one reward, either for Facebook or Twitter posting, but not both. Duplication will result in an invalid participant. 

Budget for this airdrop is 1 million WEBD We will collect and manually send WEBD to each participant, thus we estimate a maximum of one month until every participant got their WebDollars.

Payments will be made from the address   WEBD$gC0@J+g2M#W$C6DgUTEcJPfZ4iZUKjbSE$$

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