WebDollar – the new way to crypto

“Cryptocurrency will soon move from tech-oriented audience to mass adoption, and everyone will have the privilege to benefit from it.”
Alexandru Budisteanu
Protocol Developer

This is the vision of the young entrepreneur Alexandru I. Budisteanu, a Forbes Europe 30 under 30 nominee. These are not only words but a reference to a new cryptocurrency called WebDollar, created by a team of developers lead by Alexandru.


WebDollar has recently had an incredible increase in popularity, and the reason is obvious: this is the new way to deal with crypto. Forget about downloading and installing mining software, or even registering with your email address to have access to functionalities. Everything is at a click of a mouse distance: mining, wallet, transfers, you name it. Their focus is now on the user and on offering an interface designed so beautifully and simple to access the most advanced blockchain technology that crypto-world has seen so far. 


Mining a cryptocurrency is no longer a complex process that gives you headaches, it’s actually not a process at all, it’s just… nothing, only an instant consequence of opening a website. So if you’re able to use a browser, congratulations! You’ve just been nominated the most efficient cryptocurrency miner in the world. All this is possible without any compromise in terms of security and performance, moreover, you’re being environmentally friendly thanks to the partly Proof of Stake hybrid mining. The 66%PoS on the WebDollar mining algorithm is an answer to the alarming amount of pollution created by Proof of Work mining processes all over the world. Things are about to get even better, the team’s intention is to shift exclusively to PoS mining in the near future, becoming 100% green technology. 


The wallet is in line with the simplicity of the user interface, being generated automatically, prior to the start of the mining. Once you have the wallet, you have the option to encrypt it for better security or to use it right away to transfer any desired amount of WebDollars, provided you already owe some :). You always have the option to save it to your local device, create as many wallet-addresses as you need, or upload a previously created one.


Technology is not about money and funding, and the WebDollar team has proven this. They’ve clearly built their technology with a passion for innovation, once they’ve done it with neither a funding nor a classic ICO. This gave them the freedom to develop their technology without pressure from investors, and the results are significantly positive. 


Despite the many accomplishments to date, their journey is still progressing. The roadmap shows important and demanding milestones that require a lot of focus and commitment, and these will give even more value to the project. Smart contracts are one of the most important development stages and this will make possible a concept that will revolutionize the ICO and IPO as we know them today. The WIP – WebDollar Investment Platform will allow start-ups to apply for funding and investors to provide financial support with no risk to lose their investment. This is a game changer that could revitalize the world of finance, probably the biggest use-case that a cryptocurrency can have.


The open-source project is already considered attractive by technology insiders, that started as part of the community and are now contributing to the development of the source code. The organic growth of the project and its potential make WebDollar one of the strongest and most efficient crypto-communities. Forums, blogs, Blockchain explorers, mobile applications, all developed and maintained by the community, a strong example of enthusiasm and motivation. 


Go to WebDollar.io and be part of this.

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