How to mine WebDollar with your browser

WebDollar browser mining is a quick process based on simplicity. It presents unique features that allows anyone to start mining, and it’s designed for all type of users, from IT literate to the less experienced ones.

Just follow these easy steps to start your journey into the WebDollar mining experience.

Step I

Once you access the website, a WebDollar wallet is instantly created, and the mining process starts in a few seconds.

You will find three main areas on your main page:

  • Menu Area

  • Mining Power Area

  • Wallet Area

Menu Area

This is where you will find links to the forum, bounties, white paper, explorer, FAQ, etc. Feel free to explore this area, you will find useful and interesting tools and information.

Mining Power Area

On the left side of the mining power area you will find a number, this corresponds to the number of threads employed to mine on blockchain. This can be set up through the adjacent sliding bar, just move the pin right or left to increase or decrease the number of threads, therefore the mining power. I recommend to employ not more than half of the threads if you are performing other duties on your device. If your device is not performing other duties, then it’s enough to reserve one thread for background operations (ie. if your device has 8 threads, employ only 7 of them for the mining process).

When you start mining, the cooling fans will work more than they normally do. Don’t panic, this is normal and it happens because your CPU is now working at almost maximum capacity.

Wallet Area

The wallet contains all your WebDollar addresses. Just click on the yellow area to open it. Read this tutorial to understand how to manage your wallet.

Step II

Mine solo or join a mining pool

Stay on the same page and scroll down, until you find the Per-to-Peer Network section:

Click on the small arrow on the top centre of the screen to open the drop-down menu. You now have the possibility to choose to mine solo (consensus) or to join a mining pool. 

I recommend you to join a mining pool and mine solo only if you have a lot of mining power. At the time I’m writing this tutorial, the global hash power on the WebDollar blockchain is around 70 Mh/s, this makes solo mining with an average PC almost impossible.


When you join a mining pool you share your mining power with that pool.  It’s then mining pool’s job to sum-up the mining power from all the devices  and confirm as many blocks as possible. This significantly increases the chances to get rewards. 

You will only get your reward once the Potential Balance exceeds 20 WebDollars, and the payments will occur hourly.

Step III

Monitor and increase your mining

Stay on the same page and scroll down, until you find the Pool Mining section:

In the Pool Mining section there are two areas:

  • Actions Area

  • Statistics Area

Actions Area

In the actions area there are two commands:

Copy Referral Link

Click this command to copy your referral link to clipboard. This is a direct link to the mining pool you are currently mining in. You then have to share this link with your friends and ask them to join the mining pool, once they join you will get a percentage of the coins that your friends will mine in that particular pool.

See your referrals

Click on ‘See your referrals’ and you will be re-directed to a page containing all your referrals. You can monitor their status and current and future rewards.

Statistics Area

This area allows you to monitor your pool status, hash power, an estimated time to next block, and other useful features.

I hope you enjoyed reading my quick tutorial, if this was useful and helped you to understand how to mine WebDollar with your browser, please share it with your friends.

If there is anything I wasn’t clear about, please comment below and I will try to answer your question in the best way possible.

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